Volute — Philosophy Through Photography

Volute is a spiral or twisting turn, an example being a snail’s shell or gastropod mollusc markings (helix). Spiral Life “The past is an interpretation. The future is an illusion. The world does not move through time as if it were a straight line, proceeding from the past to the future. Instead, time moves through […]

Volute — Philosophy Through Photography

Stay Cool, It’s Just Halloween!

I thought i’d share my halloween poem from last year, again.

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My Halloween poem for 2021

If you see zombies in your backyard,

Don’t fret, it’s Halloween!

If you see Jason, or Michael, of Freddy in your front yard,

Don’t worry it’s just Halloween!

If you see a vampire biting someone’s neck at the end of your street,

Don’t flee, it’s Only Halloween!

If you see strange pods growing in your garden,

Don’t perspire, it’s just Halloween!

If there’re witches in the sky,

Don’t cry it’s Halloween!

There’s gonna be witches in the air.

If you see a creature half human & half fish,

Crawling out of your underground pool,

Stay calm, It’s Halloween!

If you hear moans and groans,

That could be anything!

It is most likely it’s Halloween!

If you see mummies walking your way,

Don’t SCREAM!!!

It’s only Halloween!!

If you smell musty old dog at your backside,

And you hear snarling and growling,

Try not to run,

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Abstract Art | Nadine Hardy — NO MIDDLEMAN ART GALLERY Edge of Humanity Magazine

View PORTFOLIO Artist Statement & Bio . . The  NO MIDDLEMAN ART GALLERY is a  Edge of Humanity Magazine project. ABOUT The NO MIDDLEMAN ART GALLERY is designed to connect art seekers and collectors with artists DIRECTLY.  The gallery is not a mall, but instead a collection of remarkable works of art that bring together artists and potential buyers. Following Edge […]

Abstract Art | Nadine Hardy — NO MIDDLEMAN ART GALLERY Edge of Humanity Magazine