Hot Winter / by A. Hernandez 1988

Hot Winter

Butterflies swarm into rainbows

They do clash, sparkles of clouds blend

Like a stew pie.

Clouds cover their eyes, red red sun

Is up ahead, burning on winter’s door.

Hot hot man sweat flowing from his

Head mixing with the ground, green grass.

It is winter today, but it is so hot,

Had to switch on to cool to relax from

The heat’s hot story he had been

Telling me on my tip of my toes but it was

Not the way I wanted to feel.

a. Hernandez 12 21 1988

Art by Parker Disheroon / My 4 year old gransdon

Whatever Happened To You / By Nada Nayhi

Whatever happened to you
Whatever life throws at you
Whatever your reality
Never lose your humanity
Never underestimate the impact
Of one small act
True generosity relies on giving
When you have almost nothing
True gratitude is lifting up your hands
In a sincere prayer with tears in your eyes
For every gift given to you by God
So don’t be sad
Even if all doors seem closed
God’s door is never closed
Generosity flows from a grateful spirit
You just need a little bit
Of everything
To have everything

By Nada Nayhi

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I’m So Thankful for Everything

I’m so thankful for everything

That I can see the birds fly

That I can hear them sing

That I can touch the flowers

And smell their scent.

I’m so thankful for everything

That I can talk

And think

That I can breathe

And love.

I’m so thankful

For family

And friends.

For food on my plate

And drink in my cup.

I am so thankful

For my kids

And grandkids.

For being able to stand

And walk.

A. Hernandez 11 24 2022

My Grandon Taylor